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Training and coaching you to elevate your leadership skills and drive results in your organisation, family, or your life and personal relationships ...

Our team of empathetic and caring professionals will guide you all the way from choosing the suitable program, to training and coaching you, and following up until you are ready to create the life you want at home and work.



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For Corporates

Create cooperative and sustainable organizations.
This program  will  equip Leaders with skills to manage their daily stresses for reducing anxiety and preventing burnout – especially if they are working in a psychologically demanding profession. It will also enable them to look after their own wellbeing, increase their psychological capacity and get their job done in the most efficient way.

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For Individual Leaders

Now is your chance to go through a life-time changing experience where you would come out as an Empowered Leader ready to face daily life challenges and effectively manage your team and deal with your bosses through the problem solving and effective communication skills this program will equip you with.

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For Parents

You can raise a responsible child while enjoying a peaceful relationship, you just need to know how.

You just need the right training and that is exactly what we will teach you and guide you on step by step so that you can get the results you desire and want for your child and family.

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For Teens

Be more Confident, Influential, Focused, and Successful ! Enjoy healthy relationships with your parents and peers by just enrolling in this 18-hour program where you will enjoy a FUN environment to learn a set of skills that will enable you to influence people around you and learn how to plan effectively to achieve your dreams !

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For Individuals

Live your life to the fullest by helping you reach your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being to live a balanced life that will enable you to tap into your full potential and achieve a successful and rewarding life.

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For Teachers

What makes the difference between teaching that works and teaching that fails? The factor that contributes the most is the quality of the teacher-student relationship. It’s more important than what the teacher is teaching or who the teacher is trying to teach.

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Conflict Resolution Workshop

 Learn how to identify conflicts at work, how to listen to others’ points of view for better understanding and improved work relations, how to express needs and problems openly and honestly without blame, criticism or finger-pointing.

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Who can benefit from Gordon Training Egypt?

Literally everyone. We're currently helping people from 12 to 60+ years old. Everyone is getting a personalized experience to suit their needs.

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