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Create healthy and peaceful relationships, be assertive, and set healthy boundaries with those around you while still being able to look after yourself, and your own well-being and increase your psychological capacity.

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B.Y.B. Program
August- November 2024
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Iman Sarhan

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Be Your Best

Do you feel you are missing out on many things due to the stress and demands of work and life?

Are you facing a challenge to achieve the right balance between your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being?

Are you suffering from anxiety and worry about the simplest tasks of your life?

Are you tired of letting go of your needs and rights to please others?

Do you tend to have crippling self-talk like “There’s nothing I can do” , “ I can’t do that”, “It’s up to him/her”….etc.

Do you find it challenging to say NO to others without harming the relationship?

Are you tired of finding yourself handling problems that are not your own?

The Right program is now at the tip of your fingers to unleash your full potential and live the life you’ve always aspired to live.

What is B.Y.B.?

Be Your Best (B.Y.B.) is a program designed to help you live your life to the fullest by helping you reach your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being to live a balanced life that will enable you to tap into your full potential and achieve a successful and rewarding life. This program will act as a manual that will enable you to better understand yourself, and your emotions as well as others so you can flourish, prevent problems, and solve existing ones.

Through this evidence-based program developed by Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Thomas Gordon, you will learn how to get in touch with your needs and feelings and be able to effectively express them to get them met from those around you. You will know how to create healthy and peaceful relationships, be assertive, and set healthy boundaries with those around you while still being able to look after yourself, and your own well-being and increase your psychological capacity.

How are the results above achieved?

Through a set of life skills, you will learn how to identify problems’ ownership and determine the right skills needed to act on them, and set healthy boundaries through the concept of the 'Behaviour Window'. This concept created and exclusively owned by Gordon Training is a scientifically proven framework that will act as your GPS for an effective fulfilling life that will never cease to inspire others. Through learning, practicing, and eventually mastering the skills of the Behaviour Window through the BYB program, you will be equipped with the ability to identify any problem in terms of its ownership and the set of skills needed to solve it.

The program is divided into 10 sessions, 4 hours each (F2F) or 20 sessions, 2 hours each (online), to help you digest and grasp the skills taught and implement them till the next session for more practice and smooth integration of those skills in your daily life till eventually they become part of your character in dealing with yourself and others.


Join B.Y.B. and benefit from the following:

40+ hours

with experiential learning activities, coaching, and training (Face to Face or Online)


An individual workbook with guidance, exercises, and space for planning and reflection

International Certificate

An International Certificate of completion issued by Gordon Training International

Tailored Plan

A tailored personal short and long term plan for yourself

Original Credo

An original Credo (with a choice of framing it at an additional cost) to help you stay motivated

1-on-1 coaching sessions at a special rate*

Depending on your chosen instructor and their offering,
please check with the instructor you choose.

Follow Up

A follow-up coaching session with parents upon request after completion of the program.

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Award winning Textbook

The award-winning text book written by Dr. Thomas Gordon

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Priority and discount on other workshops and retreats offered by us or one of our partners (depending on your instructor please ask)

Occasional invitations to free follow up sessions (depending on your instructor please ask)

Discount on refreshers (face to face or online)

This is NOT a lecture-type class for the masses, the group number is capped and the sessions are private and confidential so that the instructor can guide and coach you and give you personalized and constructive feedback ;)

What makes us different?

Your Investment

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Please remember you are investing in the creation of your future self that will leave an impact and stand out to make a difference Important: this is a non-refundable investment, but you can use it to register in another Effectiveness Training (ET) program offered by GTE.

We trust that you will make a wise decision. If you still have questions, please email us
o send us directly on our Facebook page for further queries.