Who can benefit from Parent Effectiveness Training?

Parents, caregivers, grandparents, nursery teachers, and parents will learn specific skills to influence young children and adolescents' behaviour for a calmer life and a peaceful home.

Children will respond better to how you communicate with them and will be more willing to cooperate with you. They will become more independent, motivated, confident, and considerate.

You will feel more in control, productive, and calmer. You will also become a better role model for them on how to solve problems and deal with different people kindly and respectfully.

This will enable them to select and build the right network of friends and social connections confidently and lead their lives with success.

The result of this social and emotional empowerment: a happy family leading their life together and connecting and communicating peacefully.

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P.E.T. Program
October to December 2024
Once per week
Face to face
Facilitated by
Joy Magdy

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Moms of Teens

October 2024 to May 2025
Facilitated by
Ayah Sarhan

Book Club
July 2024- January 2025
Facilitated by
Ayah Sarhan

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Then you may be the ideal candidate for PET - the evidence-based program developed by Noble Peace Prize Nominee Dr. Thomas Gordon. This program has been implemented and proven effective all over the world - regardless of the culture or language - to help parents raise responsible and confident children. The uniqueness of this program is that it will ensure you do so while enjoying a healthy relationship and peaceful home and a lifelong high level of emotional intelligence (EQ).

  • NOW YOU CAN  BE choose to be more influential, calmer, productive, and enjoy your home, children, and life by just enrolling in this 24 Hours Program. This program that provides a safe environment where you will be equipped with a set of skills that will enable you to influence your children without harming the relationship with them. It will teach you step by step how to take control over the time, energy, and money wasted over thinking of and giving rewards and punishment and still not getting the results you want leading to more anxiety and worry that fires back in the quality of your relationship with your children.
  • We know
    what it's
    like to be a parent  
    When we all started our parenting journey, we assumed that we will have more power than our children and that some love and rewards, and maybe some punishment will work in our favour thinking, how can a tiny baby have more power ?! We get some advice from those who have experience …. Your child is compliant … Then you are shocked with that first "NO" and that first tantrum … You feel embarrassed and powerless! And nothing works (well, at least eventually).So we end up always BLAMED but the point is we were never TRAINED!
  •  NOW YOU
         You can raise a responsible child while enjoying a peaceful relationship, you just need to know how. You just need the right training and that is exactly what we will teach you and guide you on step by step so that you can get the results you desire and want for your child and family.

Join P.E.T. and benefit from the following:

8 sessions

Eight group coaching sessions with experiential learning activities and training

Individual workbook

An individual workbook with guidance, exercises, and space for planning and reflection

Certificate of completion

A certificate of completion issued by Gordon Training International

Original Credo

An original Credo (with a choice of framing it at an additional cost) to help you stay motivated

Award winning text book

The award-winning text book written by Dr. Thomas Gordon

Follow Up

A follow-up coaching session with parents upon request after completion of the program.

Free access to a community

Free access to a community of like-minded parents that will uplift and inspire you

This is NOT a lecture-type class for the masses, the group number is capped and the sessions are private and confidential so that the instructor can guide and coach you and give you personalized and constructive feedback ;)

Additional Bounces:

Be part of a closed group on Facebook where you’ll enjoy frequent tips on the skills learnt and interaction with alumni of the program

Priority and discount on other workshops and retreats offered by us or one of our partners (depending on your instructor please ask)

Occasional invitations to free follow up sessions (depending on your instructor please ask)

Discount on refreshers (face to face or online)

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Your investment

Click here to register. Please remember you are investing in your well being and your child's well being, and you are saving time (the most valuable resource nowadays).
** Important: this is a non-refundable investment, but you can use it to register in another ET program offered by GTE. We trust that you will make a wise decision. If you still have questions, please check our frequently asked questions sections (FAQ). Otherwise, please click here to book a one-on-one consultation session with one of our instructors.

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Thank you for taking the time to read and know more about PET, and looking forward to working with you :)