Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.)
For Individuals

Be the leader everyone WISHES to have!

Then you are NOW  going through your breakthrough to becoming an Effective Leader. We at Gordon Training Egypt believe that Leadership starts all from within you!

All you need is to find the right tools to be able to bring out the leader within you and achieve the results you are aspiring for yourself and your team.

Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) is THE  program that will equip you with all the tools you need to achieve your potential as a leader and get important people on board.  

What is L.E.T. all about?

L.E.T. is a Proven Model for Helping Leaders Bring Out the Best in Their People. It teaches people in leadership positions how to effectively manage their team to achieve the desired results while setting healthy boundaries and enjoying fruitful relationships where they gain the cooperation of their colleagues, subordinates, and boss. L.E.T. will also teach leaders how to run effective meetings that generate results while reducing waste of, both, time and energy.  This program will also equip Leaders with skills to manage their daily stresses for reducing anxiety and preventing burnout – especially if they are working in a psychologically demanding profession. It will also enable them to do all this while looking after their own well-being and increasing their psychological capacity to handle daily stresses and get their job done in the most efficient way.

How will this program help you as a leader to achieve the above results?

By attending the L.E.T. program, you will learn, practice, and eventually master the skills of the Behaviour Window Model. This model which has been created and exclusively owned by Gordon Training is a scientifically proven framework that will act as your GPS for an effective fulfilling life that will never cease to inspire others.  Through a set of leadership skills, you will learn how to clearly identify any problem in terms of its ownership and determine the right skills needed to act on them; and most of all how to set healthy boundaries and get your own needs met through the concept of the Behaviour Window.

What are the results to expect after successfully completing the program?

1. Determine who “owns the problem” in a given situation.
2. Identify the 12 Roadblocks to communication.
3. Distinguish between Roadblocks and Active Listening.
4. Avoid the Roadblocks that cause most helping attempts to fail.
5. Recognize when team members need your help as a skilled listener.
6. Use silence, acknowledgments, and door-openers to help another person with a problem.
7. Active Listen to hear another’s feelings.
8. Active Listen to clarify information.
9. Distinguish between Acceptable and Unacceptable Behavior.
10. Determine what to do when another’s behavior is interfering with your meeting your needs.
11. Develop a three-part Confrontive I-Message.
12. Confront another’s unacceptable behavior with an I-Message.
13. Shift gears between I-Messages and Active Listening when appropriate.
14. Acknowledge others’ efforts with Appreciative I-Messages.
15. Prevent problems and conflicts using Preventive I-Messages.
16. Recognize conflict situations.
17. Distinguish between Conflicts-of-Needs and Values Collisions.
18. Avoid the use of Method I.
19. Avoid the use of Method II.
20. Set the stage for Method III Conflict Resolution.
21. Use Method III to resolve a conflict you have with another person.
22. Use Method III to mediate a conflict between others.
23. Handle Values Collisions.
24. Use the Principle of Participation when there’s an issue or problem involving team members.

Additional Bonuses:

1- Be part of a closed group on Facebook where you’ll enjoy frequent tips on the skills learned
   and interaction with alumni of the program
2- Priority and discount on other workshops and retreats offered by us or one of our partners*
3- Occasional invitations to free follow-up sessions*
4- Discount on refreshers (face-to-face or online)


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