Youth Effectiveness Training

Be an influential leader & achieve your dreamsFor teens (12-18 years) who want to enjoy their teenage journey with all its ups and downs. Yes! it feels like you are on a rollercoaster sometimes, doesn't it?!
We help teens understand what they need, enjoy healthy relationships with their friends and  parents. Figure out where to go next!
Teens get to design their own plan at the end of the program, as well.

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Upcoming workshops

Y.E.T. Program
- July 2024
- September 2024
- October 2024
facilitated by Dalia Gaber Ali

Y.E.T. Program

August to September 2024
facilitated by Ayah Sarhan

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Do you want to learn how to solve problems and deal with people who are different from you?
Do you want to make more friends and influence people around you and develop an inspiring character?
Do you feel there is a gap between you and your Parents and you wish it wasn’t there?
Do you want to learn how to plan for and achieve your future dreams?

How will this program empower you?

Y.E.T will help YOU boost your self-esteem through learning basic life skills that will enable YOU to make new friends, raise your awareness to know your dreams and needs, and develop skills to achieve them and lead your life. This program will also provide you with helping skills to not only support your friends but also help them achieve their needs. Thus, helping you become an even better friend :)

NOW YOU CAN be more Confident, Influential, Focused, and Successful and Enjoy Healthy Relationships with your parents and peers by just enrolling in this 18-hour program where you will enjoy a FUN environment to learn a set of skills that will enable you to influence people around you and learn how to plan effectively to achieve your dreams and be the person you always dreamt of becoming!

NOW is your chance to go through a lifetime-changing experience that will transform you into an empowered person ready to face daily life challenges through problem-solving and strong communication skills.

Why you should join Y.E.T.?

From the psychological wellbeing point of view

Your Investment

For Parents of Teens, please click
here to book a one-on-one consultation session with the Instructor of your choice.

Please remember you are investing in the creation of your future self that will leave an impact and stand out to make a difference Important: this is a non-refundable investment, but you can use it to register in another Effectiveness Training (ET) program offered by GTE.

We trust that you will make a wise decision. If you still have questions, please email us
o send us directly on our
Facebook page for further queries.
Thank you for taking the time to read and know more about Y.E.T., and looking forward to working with you :)


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