Preparing children for the future calls for much more than just teaching them to read and write. At school, children have opportunities to learn valuable lessons in emotional maturity, cooperation, how to get along with others and how to resolve conflicts peaceably, essential life skills they’ll need when they reach the workforce and start families of their own.

At school students have many conflicts with peers and teachers that, handled ineffectively, impede the educational process and turn kids off from learning and teachers from teaching.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Teachers and students can learn skills that enable them to handle classroom conflicts in a way that gives students an opportunity to grow, and teachers a means for keeping their classes focused on their work.

What makes the difference between teaching that works and teaching that fails?

The factor that contributes the most is the quality of the teacher-student relationship. It’s more important than what the teacher is teaching or who the teacher is trying to teach.

Teacher Effectiveness Training (T.E.T.) offers teachers the essential communication and conflict resolution skills they need to have high quality relationships with their students so there will be less conflict and more teaching-learning time. This model has worked for hundreds of thousands of teachers around the world.


What you will learn?

1) How you can talk so that students will listen

2) How to set classroom rules so that far less enforcement is necessary

3) How to handle discipline problems so that you get relief without damaging the student’s self-esteem

4) How you can avoid the problems of permissiveness and still have creative classrooms that encourage student participation

5) How to resolve conflicts so that both you and the students are satisfied with the solutions

How you will benefit?

1)You’ll experience less stress

2) Students will have more respect and consideration for you

3) Fewer classroom disruptions and conflicts

4) Fewer discipline problems

How students will benefit?

1) Increased academic achievement

2) Increased responsibility and self-control

3) More desire to cooperate and learn

4) Increased ability to work in group situations


How the program works?

T.E.T. is a 30-hour program designed to involve participants very actively in their own learning.

We use the following four-step instructional process in each session:

1- Structure: Instructor presentations, in-class reading, audio-visual aids.
2- Involvement: Role-plays, workbook exercises, one-on-one skill practice.
3-Process: Group discussions, one-on-one sharing and reflection to explore new learnings and insights.
5-Application: Individual and group activities to consolidate learning and make specific action plans.
6- Involves workbook and text reading and out-of-class skill practice assignments.

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