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My name is Amira Rizk, a Marketing Manager in an FMCG corporation, a Youth Couch, and a former High school Psychology Teacher.
After being in the workplace for more than 15 years between teaching & marketing, I realized that to succeed in a career you needed to be equipped with a number of social skills that was way more important than the technical know-how of the job. How to communicate effectively with your managers and colleagues, how to understand problems arising and deal with it in efficient ways that won’t harm your relationship with others, how to build successful and healthy relations with your colleagues, and finally how to communicate and plan effectively to achieve your goals at work and personal life.
And as an introvert, that was my real challenge when I first started my marketing career till I luckily bumped into one of Gordon Training International models (Be Your Best) followed by Leadership Effectiveness Training (L.E.T) that taught me everything I needed on effective communication and problem solving skills along with all helping skills for others to lift them up helping me empower my team, colleagues, and loved ones much more than I thought I could ever do.
Ever since that, everything in my life has change drastically making me wish someone had taught me all that earlier, especially during my teenage years. All those life skills that would have empowered me early enough to create the success I always dreamt of. And this wish became stronger when I taught high school students psychology for two years and experienced closely through our one to one sessions the challenges and struggles each one of them was going through. Since then, I decided to be a certified Youth Trainer for the Youth model of GTI , Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T) to pass on this knowledge to teenagers from age 12-18 years to help them gain early enough all the skills they need to help them tackle a better life and more successful future. To help them become more aware of their own needs, skillfully relate to people who are different from them, make friends easily, and confidently express their needs and get them done without harming others.  
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“This program is definitely one of the best things that had ever happened to my daughter. I saw her blossom from one session to the other. I have noticed a great change in handling all situations that she used to find challenging before. Moreover, all her teachers started commenting on the change in her attitude especially during conflicts with her classmates and dealing with disappointments. Everyone noticed how her usual negative mindset was becoming more positive. During those weeks she had become a calmer and a happier teenager. .She felt safe ,loved ,finally understood and accepted for who she really is as well as equipped with a tool box to deal with different people or situations in her life”
“As a mother of a very quiet young lady that rarely share her feelings. Y.E.T program helped her express more her feelings towards me and her brother and sister, which is a GREAT change. She started showing more care specially to me. Her goals are more clear for her now and she made a plan for herself”.  
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About the Y.E.T. Instructor Amira Rizk, a certified Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T) Instructor and a Fiction Writer, has earned her bachelor degree in Mass communication from The American University in Cairo specializing in Integrated Marketing Communication. Interested in psychology and people’s development, Amira minored in the psychology field to give her an edge in her career by understanding how people think and behave. During her academic years, Amira used to volunteer in the Junior summer programs where she taught and developed youth on a number of life skills. After graduating in 2006, Amira spent ten years in the marketing career while in parallel working on her passion in developing others by volunteering as a character education teacher for six years for children ages 6-7 years.

During her marketing career, Amira sharpened her people’s skills through qualitative research where she dealt with behavioural changes of ladies on a monthly basis learning the keys for effectively understanding consumers buying habits and changing behaviours. Adding to this, Amira gained strong analytical skills through her marketing career via monthly market analysis and consumer research findings to come up with relevant business decisions.

By the end of 2016, reaching the position of a Senior Brand Manager, Amira decided to shift her career to the training and coaching field that would allow her to unleash her passion in enriching others’ lives after she enrolled in a number of courses to improve her coaching and teaching know-how. She started by working for 2 years with Orphaned Youth in the development field while pursuing her coaching certification to be a certified Youth Effectiveness Trainer (Y.E.T). Then she decided to move to the teaching field where she worked as a Psychology Teacher for American Diploma High School Students for 2 years to be able to get a chance to be close to teenagers’ daily struggles and challenges. Her main passion now is to work closely with teens and experience their daily struggles to be equipped with the needed skills to understand and develop Youth to empower them to lead better lives and craft better futures for themselves. And this year she published her first novel, Unravelled, presenting a love story relevant to the Egyptian and Middle East culture and values to be a good read for teenagers and young adults who prefer to read English novels within their cultural and value system showing the struggles people face in relationships as a result of childhood traumas. Amira’s life goal is to change and improve the lives of Young adults through coaching and writing.

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