Hi, I'm Dalia Gaber Ali

Certified Y.E.T. Instructor

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    20+ years of experience
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    Coaching & empowering youth and children

Hi I'm Dalia!

Dalia has over 20 years of experience with parents and children in schools and out of school activities. She studied mental health and various types of therapies, which she utilises in her work with families and teens. She is a mother of three.
She is the founder of Campers: an activity center for kids aging between 4-16 years focusing on skills development through fun workshops and activities. She started as an English Teacher and got promoted to a supervisor then Principle of the whole stage. This journey took place across many schools like Zoser Princes, Ramsis, AlDokki, Qawmeyya and Al-Yasser.
Dalia is a Certified Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T.) Instructor; the program developed by Dr. Thomas Gordon Founder of Gordon Training International (G.T.I.). Dalia’s mission is to help teens & families to communicate & improve their relationship in an effective way by teaching them the needed skills.
Her certificates include: Mini Master in Mental Health (New York International University), Life Coaching (Arab Board of Training & Consulting (ABTC)), Time Line Therapy Practitioner (ABTC), Psychodrama & Group Therapy Certificate (ABTC), Psychological Counselor for Children Certificate (Ain Shams University), Family Consultant Certificate (ABTC), Parents Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) (Gordon Training International (GTI)), Youth Effectiveness Training Instructor (Y.E.T) (GTI).

I'm Dalia Gaber Ali a certified Youth Effectiveness Training Instructor/facilitator  (Y.E.T.) by Gordon Training Egypt. I'm a mother of three children with different personalities & different attitudes (What a challenge!?) .I started my journey by attending the parents program (parents Effectiveness Training - P.E.T. ) hoping to find an easy way to get along with my kids  that's when the magic happened. Not only I learned how to get connected with my kids, but also I found my way to understand what is my real passion .

.I have been working with kids all my career life as a teacher or as an owner of an activity center (Campers ), but after learning the Gordon Model, my vision became clearer than ever .I'm in love with teaching teens & adults how to communicate properly with others ,as this was my problem which I didn't know how to solve till I started my path towards self development .
From now on my mission will be to lead & motivate youth to discover the magic in understanding their potentials & Inspire them to find their way .