Hi, I'm Iman Sarhan

Founding Organizational development Director & Licensed Representative for GTI in Egypt.
Certified Lead Instructor & facilitator P.E.T., Y.E.T., T.E.T., B.Y.B.,  C.R.W., L.E.T.

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    20+ years of experience
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    Enhanced relationships, communication & wellbeing for leaders and organizations
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    Organizational Psychologist - MSc, Heriot Watt University, UK

Iman is a highly professional and compassionate organizational psychologist (MSc) with a diverse background in various fields and cultures. She excels in effective communication, conflict resolution, personal and relationship effectiveness, and leadership coaching. With over 20 years of experience, Iman has worked with a wide range of clients, from NGOs to corporations, emphasizing employee well-being and a positive organizational culture. Her commitment to personal growth, effectiveness, adaptability, and change management makes her an invaluable partner for organizations and individuals striving to achieve personal and professional goals.

Iman's extensive experience and contributions include:
- Founding Communication Director at Gordon Training Egypt and a Licensed Representative for GTI, USA.
- Founding Board Member and Course Director for the "Regional Program in Lactation Management" at the Mother Child Friendly Care Association in Egypt.- Serving as an Executive Board Member for "The Family Experts Network" in Egypt.
- Holding the position of an Associate Lecturer at Newcastle University, UK.- Being a Certified GTI Effectiveness Training Programs Instructor and Facilitator, specializing in a person-centered approach.
- Expertise in Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Consulting.
- Accreditation as an IANLP (International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner.
- Skilled as a Communication and Relationship Management Coach, with a focus on psychosynthesis coaching.

Iman's contributions extend to public speaking engagements, including presentations at conferences such as UFHRD 2018 at Northumbria University, UK, and TOYC 2013 in KSA. She has also been involved in international events, particularly "Inspiring & Engaging International Women Leaders" in 2017. Her research papers in coaching & lactation management reflect her academic dedication. Furthermore, Iman has actively contributed to the development of the national parenting toolkit and educational videos in collaboration with organizations like UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS).Her dynamic and diverse background, combined with a strong commitment to positive change and development, establishes her as a prominent figure in the fields of organizational development, well-being, and personal effectiveness. She is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), UK, and her contributions demonstrate her passion for creating a lasting impact on individuals and organizations.

To know more & connect: uk.linkedin.com/in/ImanSarhan

In brief, a passionate entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and an educator, I believe that  kindness and effective communication can work wonders, and are the basis for well-functioning communities.  I aim to spread awareness, create impact & develop the community in a sustainable manner, hence,  my passion in coaching leaders and parents.  I am a free spirited individual, loving nature, meditation, yoga, cycling, hiking, reading, learning, and mingling with people from different walks of life.  I also, believe that change is the only constant in life, it can be scary at times but when there is a will there is a way!! :)

Here is my detailed bio:
Iman is an Organizational Psychologist (MSc, Heriot Watt University, UK), Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution Consultant, Certified Leader Effectiveness Training instructor, Be Your Best training program & Parent Effectiveness Training program Instructor & Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, & a certified Lactation Counseling trainer.  She graduated from the AUC, Egypt with honors. Iman launched & facilitated the 1st Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) program in KSA & supervised & evaluated the delivery of the 1st P.E.T.  & the instructor certification process in Bahrain. Thereafter, she has contributed to the delivery/content creation and/or supervision of numerous Training & Coaching programs in effective communication, conflict resolution, breastfeeding counselling, parenting, leadership, women empowerment, mental health, & wellbeing. Added to her training & monitoring for social workers & medical healthcare professionals on “UNICEF/WHO baby friendly hospitals initiative”. Over the past 19 years she has worked in various fields including development, marketing research, planning, & project management in locations like Egypt, KSA, Bahrain, MENA region, Canada, USA, & UK.
She has worked for or partnered with different clients ranging from NGO’s like Watania for the development of Orphanages, Mother & Child magazine, Mother Child Friendly Care Association, Egyptian Society of Nutrition Pharmacists, جمعية زهور المستقبل للتنمية; to Educational institutes like AUC, FUE, Newcastle University (UK); & corporations like Clorox, TNS, Vodafone, ISOS UK, Sogno UK, Gordon Training México, etc. Added to her work with UNICEF, WHO, & MoSS[1].

She has contributed, as a speaker, to several international conferences, and international events (Inspiring & Engaging International Women Leaders); she publishes research papers in lactation management. She has contributed to the development of the national parenting toolkit & educational videos by UNICEF & MoSS.  Iman is a member in BPS, UK, & an ex-Facilitator - Association for Coaches, Co-Coaching Forums, Newcastle & Northumbria University, UK.

Iman excels in supporting organizations create positive impact, for her, the wellbeing of the employees is a key resource towards achieving the desired goals. She is very passionate about coaching employees & equipping them with hands on skills to enhance their well-being, resilience, & stress coping mechanisms. She believes that change is the only constant, hence, accepting & learning how to navigate through change (life or work transitions) is crucial for optimal performance.

To get in touch with Iman, email: iman.sarhan@lifecoachers.net or uk.linkedin.com/in/ImanSarhan
[1] Ministry of Social Solidarity, Egypt